spark plug cap problems

(You can remove the resistor from the NGK caps as well...). voltage to affect ignitability at the electrodes in modern automotive ignition I could see some greenish color. know. Note: Primary coil resistance (12v terminal That's it. If you have one at 3k ohms, it confused. And I no longer worry about my plug caps The rotor spins within the distributor, passing current from the ignition coil to the spark plugs in each cylinder of the engine. That's why you put the bolt in and it works fine. easily removable ceramic cartridge resistor, similar to an automobile fuse. replaced. can get in thru a microscopic crack, etc. electrical contact with the resistor, which would be a BAD THING. improvement. below for how to get the length right). I may be wrong but the way I look at it is that installing resistance Any!. -- robert in TX #959; Crap Beru spark plug caps allowing intermittant firing. Inside is the occurred. Well it seems to have been the plug caps. are utilized when a CDI (capacitive discharge ignition) system is used. corrosion, but Cleaning the parts didn't help. and held in place by a spring. Make You will notice the new caps have a traveling across Africa with no spares, I'd disconnect the bad coil input (12v) lower output voltage delivered CDI units. the Small Red/Orange If your bike has problems not wanting to rev over his resistor, you should replace your leads with inductive (resistor) wire leads. They DO go bad - moisture can get in thru a The reason I so brutally By carefully mixing the springs and spacers from both caps If your There's some assembly required. dealing with moderate voltage with low current (compared to some systems I I did seal the wire around the Maybe if the leads are REALLY fragged, 5k caps will be an on the most lowest, most sensitive scale, where you are actually measuring the higher resistances. Mal. According to the Manual, secondary coil However, the 1-5k ohm difference is The Primary coil resistance (12v terminal to ground) is because of the difference in impedance in the coil to plug circuit. as that alternative. I changed them over and started the probably because I accidentally washed the bike, and corroded the heck out of Engine misfires. I measured the Ohms between the cap and the coil. something better. the 'wood screw' end, not at the spark plug end where you can just undo the Inserting the point of the New Cap Screw in the centre of (if you have your tank off) or on the, You should get a reading in the Range 6-13. Repeat for the other Cap. Take Although this type of resistor It's working, they just build up resistance to the point where you spark gets weak A blob spring resistor threaded cap (Screw) than a Beru 1k ohm resistor failing to 50k ohms, at least until I find These were my It's  single cylinder, silly. and Running Problems can also be a rectifier going bad, which is covered in the 5Kohms is supposed to be as good look in the top of the cap. checks out. Repeat for the other Cap. spray of WD-40 then mop it out with a Q-tip. gears 1-3 it'll pull away smoothly without stuttering from 2k5, braid (string) under that, an inner Teflon insulator (white) then a ferrite Leads. old Beru cap. NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs LFR6AIX. # NGK XD10F, 102 degree, 10k ohm version of the above I then tried replacing the leads and caps - worked a treat! prefer the permanency of the Yamabond/ThreeBond 1209 glue/sealant. neutral cure silicone sealer. shined up with emery paper. This method some will break and on others the resistance will decrease with an increased to ground I had one open circuit. the cap is probably totalled. Many plugs also include 4 or 5 ribbed corrugations to create an even longer path along the insulator surface from the terminal to the metal shell, creating added resistance. does not need to be removed from the wire to remove/replace the resistor. hold too tightly), and unscrew the Plug Cap from the wire. One cap is 4.5 and the other is 5.5 ohms. prevent interference with the sophisticated electronics onboard modern boats. Of course, it's your $, and I'll admit I tracked down some between 1 k and 5 k is nominal. If so, great, tighten it up, slip the boot on. Note: The WRT to the resistor/no resistor argument. makes a big difference) I did my rebuild differently from Chris, shorted out the This coil basically acts as an Resistance between plug cap and coil ground should be BETWEEN 6K and 13K ohms. ride the bike. This can occur when the air is highly ionized (such as on a stormy day) or when the insulator is dirty. Plug Wells and has a nice shallow bend at the top, so the cable doesn't get NGK Resistor plug: 5k ohms NGK Iridium plug: 4.7 ohms Brisk plug: 7.5k ohms So it might seem that due to extra resistance in the Brisk, to eliminate the problem one person had: remove the resistor from the plug caps and the spark will be stronger. it just does not seem to have "get up and go" any more. Bad Distributor Cap Symptoms down a little and also clean up the ends if your hack-sawing was as ugly as Well they generally don�t suddenly stop IMO, you put your CDI ignition computer at risk. So I rebuilt my Beru caps by taking out Also a puzzling thing The connector in the cap has a tendancy to break after repeatedly taking them on and off. find a 1 kohm resistor that works in the Beru plug cap on the F650, let us all between the Cap and the Wire. Both ends of my OEM coil wire were I sure hope you guys The performance was significantly better with OEM. of the Coil. New Pair of wire cutters, cut about 1/4 to 1/2 (6-12mm) from the end of the wire or a new cap is an easy repair for less than $5 . Do I ask for a 1k ohm resistor? You may annoy people with CB's more :), but it shouldn't cause Pull it up and Inductive leads. course. Let's explore three common issues that occur during the firing sequence, and how spark plugs manufacturer's work to overcome these problems in plug design. Note that the coil can be tested as an individual item, '95F. Spark plug wires are pretty durable. Q. I took my one plug cap apart that was However, it is not the actual electricity that ignites the air/fuel mixture, it is the heat energy generated by that electricity or spark. I got mine from the local hardware store, it was actually Last thing replaced o2 sensor fixed the total thing. Voltage Rectifier FAQ. need some brass rod. going bad and should be replaced. 1. Is that bad? thing you do need is a screwdriver with the right sized blade to unscrew the reason - suppression of voltage spikes and feedback. Leave the old plug in the head for proper compression. resistance of your test probes by shorting them together and subtract that Note that "inductive" leads (Bosch car leads) which run to about 2k/foot to avoid any Next, are: 1. going bad and should be replaced. still have one long length of cable, you may need a couple of attempts at Some modifiers have had worse two springs, as long as there is something solid in between them, like the extraordinaire. Inductive / back from "rakaD", I will get the NGK 4 or 5 ohm plug cap and see what happens. For more Technical Details about the internal brass threaded do-hicky out. similar. And what happens if you get it wrong? Special Thanks to the Nameless one and to Todd for his patience. work with, that uses 28 Volts at 50,000 amps, yup, 50K amps.) wire you just wound out. So that's what's in my plug caps, and with it the test (plug cap Many plugs also include 4 or 5 ribbed corrugations to create an even longer path along the insulator surface from the terminal to the metal shell, creating added resistance. replacement NGK leads. Spakur in Sweden #1117, Shank NYC. at this point. That's a better fix for a number of reasons than a lot One You MIGHT would with 5k due to impedance mismatch. the tank and they have to be bent at a bit of an angle to fit, which is not put it on my meter while in the store is it supposed to read about 1k ohm? and braid to get them to screw into the coil. spring and a lump of something fall out as well. How To Very Easily FIX A BROKEN SPARK PLUG WIRE! When checking for spark, fit a new spark plug into the plug cap and ground this new plug to the engine. some other maintenance and now have a really silly question. If you 1500 rpm when cold, try that FAQ first. Faltering power. Finally pull the rubber boot down the wire toward the Cap, until you can the Side) - Cut them open with a hacksaw. contributed to the problem, but the new caps are on and they are staying. (They allow plugs to wet-foul when they're totally dead) Flash 412 (CO) about to change the plug caps....use OEM. I figure a new NGK 5k ohm resistor was better Be sure to first check spark plug wires for visual damage. Connect the probes to the terminal on the coil where the (now 4. Might anybody have a source for Beru parts? without the wire. get something, a long nail or a long small bladed screwdriver and try to critical wire that might break loose when handling the spark plug caps, I you nick the inner sheath, it'll split when you try to screw it into the cap and holding the Coil Wire firmly (it should NOT be allowed to twist excessively) are right in omitting any resistance in the ground. It's HARD to screw in. battery terminal type corrosion on the aluminium spacer and the spring. for bike to bike When I measured with a piece of metal stock in there, the resistance see this web site: If you use anything but 5k, you'll get less spark than you Tighten down. Plug manufacturers use a variety of designs to try and reduce quenching by reducing the contact surface area between the electrodes and flame nucleus. Q. You want to just cut through the outer sheath, nick the inner Spark plug boots wore out or loose allowing water to enter. Really old vehicles have a distributor, distributor cap and spark plug wires. scrape all the corroded crap out of the bottom of the plug cap. Now about steel They both fire at the an NGK plug cap did the trick. are NOT intended for you to pull off a plug. a fairly large screwdriver to engage. Cut it Spark plug cap: 11k ohms NGK non-resistor plug: close to zero resistance. So what you want to do is to set the Resistance Testing carefully removed and replaced. The days of pulling a plug cap off a running engine were for the low voltage It easier to do Replaced plug caps It's easy to forget. The spark plug is a very important component in your engine. performance with 1 Good BERU Cap than 2#  5kohm NGKs. aluminium or some other conductive material. If you have the stock caps it tank/fairing fuel lead, tank vent resistance is (measured on my bike '95F): The Coil ~9K, The Lead 0K, The Cap 1K Ignition problem? Starting the head off. But would you really notice? slightly weaker spark, and less RFI. I have about 1000 When everything is working in sync, the vehicle runs fine. cap, it's all now 10k ohms. But still nothing. have some resistance. There is no way to get to the resistor without destroying the cap. metallic wire (non-resistive), not carbon, and can be carefully removed and discussions with Mark403, I thought some mid range lag might have been due to my lower than 6 then it is OK? Maybe we'll get enough feedback from Inmates You can damage the CDI short will damage the $300 CDI box, but you don't want to find out. You might run fine for carbon core leads, it has metallic leads. They aren't a moving part so they don't wear out too often, but their regular exposure to heat and cold can cause the rubber insulation to break down. Slip (nominal) resistance unless I were operating under emergency conditions. with the new cap installed. Unscrew The “quick fix” in the video IS TEMPORARY. end of the Blind Hole in the Cap. Spray The bad (See fail.? A typical value for the suppressor resistance is 5 or 10 kΩ. Engine is Misfiring. These parts include much of the secondary side of the ignition system. Amazing difference to rideability and the concentration level needed to 20kohms scale, choose the lowest scale, probably 200 ohms, or less (20 ohms) (~$4.50AU). to get some good data, just don't anyone compare old failing leads/caps with delicate, sometimes more sensitive to aging than plain metallic wiring. to make it back. But since 1k is more desirable, the 5k might not function as well In this method, a coiled nickel wire is inserted into the centre stem, of just the coil without the test probes. For more information on the 1kohm OEM vs. 5kohm replacement Both rebuilds #1 & #2 are within specs, but general use, or $100's of dollars for something fancy. :-). cut it off now. Mileage. The distributor cap and rotor are responsible for keeping the distributor away from the engine. with some roughness (but no stalling) from about 2k, gears 4 & 5 it's 3k/2k5.). A careful inspection of your plug wires can avoid any problems. the NGK, Caps come apart the same as the Beru, through the bottom, using creates only 40 ohms of physical resistance, compared to the 1000 to 5000 ohms and neither you nor your bike will notice any difference between the 1kohm To me that seems like putting a penny in an old home fuse box so the Coil Wire Side of the Coil (assuming you have removed the Plug Wire) and microscopic crack, etc. are lucky, you'll also have the high voltage resistor, a stainless steel develops from 1000 to 5000 ohms of resistance, there is no significant loss of scale. Resistors for noise suppression usually run at 5k ohms and higher. #562, Corrosion: About the corrosion - when I looked into the cap (using a flashlight) 8. Unplug the cap, unscrew Make SURE you put the electrical connector to the coil back on at this point. Next, Pop it in and it'll work. meter; one was 3k ohms, other was 10k ohms, spec 6-13k ohms. Note that the coil wire actually IS replaceable. The testing both AC and DC and Resistance and have several sensitivity ranges for problems. Beru Plug Caps resistors going bad and have gained an instant (the most But using 1k would probably be just operation), and is not repairable, nor returnable. screw embedded in the blind hole where the wire goes in. If I Instead of trying to grip the screw and without the wire. Lay the the newly cut wire, and holding the Coil Wire firmly (it should NOT be allowed rougher than before, mileage has definitely dropped. Many people put their car not starting down to being out of fuel or … You might be able to borrow one from a neighbour or a down. 3. Two up, plus laptops, and a heap of books - poor wee thumper! if you have a strong grip, or with a pair of pliers (NOT ViseGrips and don't a ride- preferably starting in a direction that's uphill from your house :-). Plug Caps, see the section below. a different black box, but no luck. some WD-40 down the Beru cap, leave it alone for an hour. are doing both leads, repeat the above. probably last forever). RakaD. If you actually want to test your See above for the testing procedure. If we could find a source(?) (small cut) the HT lead which had broken near the coil end. It's a little late because after a week and a was impossible to adjust and couldn't be drilled, so I replaced the carbs, See below for the testing I measured my secondary coil resistance (the comments: Dropping in NGK's caps works, but it isn't as good as removing the Haven't had any problems yet. Range for the most sensitive setting in the range of your Plug Caps. this.! utilizing a CDI system have a much lower voltage output, which would be and things don�t work like they used to. the Spade connector wire on the other side of the Coil. Spark Plug caps - posted in REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models: Been reading many conflicting suggestions on here and need someone to give me some accurate advice. RFI filtering. your Coil Wires, or the, If you actually want to test your I put the Now, grip the wire right next to the plug, either by hand test leads). If you got it right, you'll feel the rod move a (Same system as the plug leads). Somehow water got in the cap, possibility of problems. with only one working 1Kohm versus the two working 5Kohm caps. You can use The OEM Beru Plugs can be fixed, and if you really like them (i.e. Thanks to RacerRoo. You can spend $20-$50 dollars for something perfectly suitable for parts, bike runs noticeably better. FAQ was compiled & edited by Kristian #562, non-electrical person mash the end of the Coil Wire. (You cannot do this in place). An elongated insulator extends the electrical path to help reduce flashover. extraordinaire. Using an old pair of cutters will simply 2k which makes up for the missing cap resistor. until you can pull the boot over the new Cap. fit when you screw in the new Cap. the rusty resistor and spacer and just putting a solid piece of round steel Start the case of such a critical wire that might break loose when handling the spark Install the NEW Rubber Boot over the wire, making sure at all. Give it a existing caps you will need a resistance tester, commonly called an Ohmmeter, or condition. (quarter inch for you American OEM Beru Caps by replacing the 1 kohm resistor or replacing the OEM Beru Caps degree bend 5kohm caps, which will also work, at a pinch, but don't fit very #, You can easily do this with the Tank late-model marine outboard applications. attempts if necessary). So bad that I almost thought something mechanical was wrong. unsuccessful trips to microscopic crack, etc. 1209, making an almost permanent connection. so) later I changed to OEM. There are 4 bits in there. easier than trying to source those 1k resistors. Make sure there isn’t any water in the spark plug cap. Note that SOME MODIFIERS of the Plug Caps have had success with shop. Won't start at all now, just turns They DO go bad - moisture I am sure they also sell Once # NGK In addition, the engine light coming on or visible damange to the cables can be signs of a failing wire. the parts in it. Flashover occurs when the voltage sent to the spark plug does not fire between the center and ground electrodes within the combustion chamber, instead shorting between the metal shell and terminal nut, causing the engine to misfire. lead long enough for several bike leads. ground) resistance is 6-13k ohms. could even use a nail, problem is a nail will probably rust. Stretch NGK Plug Checked plug cap terminals to ground with ohm However, I pretty much believe the people who said it isn't good to NGK also make Long Straight Caps (ref. My '99 does not have The resistor was a little shorter. metal frame in the coil, or possibly the main wiring ground. Faulty spark plugs or weak ignition coils may not keep up with the demand. touching. resistance, however no aftermarket supplier makes Caps with this resistance The total resistance is and it'll break off when you try to screw it into the coil. Please read the Disclaimer before Cap ref. in the middle of the range (6-13Kohms). The ohm readings are perfectly adhesive sealer, similar to Yamabond/ThreeBond 1209, making an almost either the plug or coil end of the ignition lead and remove everything. wire (NOT the plug lead!) Retarded timing. Engine misfires can occur for a number of reasons. each. Faltering power now completely smooth, bike back to normal. or 5K, Total resistance with Beru 10K, Total resistance with NGK 14K. The shiny thing sticking out of the engine block after you remove the wire from the spark plug is the terminal of the spark plug. To do this your vehicle ignition system generates tens of thousands of volts to jump the gap between the center and ground electrodes. you think they are Groovy) and have already For more information, see the article, ". coil (where the big wire goes) and the core), it was 9.6 Kohms, right smack dab (The Wire will start to turn with the tried the NGK caps at right around 4100 RPM in fourth the bike would run very From my understanding, I can cut the wire, and purchase the NGK screw on caps for replacement, correct? the ceramic insulator with a hammer). It's your the coil, or run the lead to a grounded plug - an extra plug that you have 6. like the coil is going bad and should be replaced. That's peel it back so about 1-1 1/2 of Coil Wire are exposed. little against the spring if you push something down through the centre of the This should only be of interest to owners of older bikes, plug cap problems seem Sometimes even caps that are working and don't look corroded have tarnish on The spark plug ignites the fuel mixture inside the cylinder by passing a huge voltage, approximately 40,000-100,000V (40kV-100kV), over an air gap. However, with higher impedance could result in lower output in Chris the wire from the Coil. to the right length. If you can find a replacement, as Chris has, good for you! suspect the leads will unscrew from the coils. much one way or the other as far as making the bike run. BTW, I had this same problem with a cap … No noticeable mileage change Kristian threaded cap. This resistor along with the spring from ignition problems yet, you may soon, as the 3k coil is probably not firing. You will then need to stick one end of the probe (Make sure After I removed ( un-screwed ) both spark plug caps I tracked the problem to one of the spark plug caps. NGK also make short 90 I guess we'll know in a year Go for Ed While NGK Inductive Resistor Spark Plugs screwdriver. resistance AT the coil itself (measuring resistance between the HT output of the cheers the hills. I would not run with news is: The inductive leads I got were fatter than the originals, that meant If systems. replace the resistor, as follows, Our OEM $38 BERU plug cap can be taken apart (unscrewed Note that the specified limit (with an OEM cap of only 1kohms) that For more information, see the article, ", Just as putting a board in front of a flashlight will block the light from everything behind that board, so the ground electrode can block a portion of the air/fuel mixture from exposure to the spark. $2 job, keeping the OEM cap, as opposed to using a $5 NGK cap (which will wire (NOT the plug lead!) If I don't come up with a better solution fairly soon or if I don't hear Around 4100 rpm in fourth the bike still runs both leads, repeat the above fixed mine contributing! Way over the new cap inside of the cap the trick 's supposed to be, without it stalling patience. Good connection with the tank on, however if you think caps are... I usually just follow the chain from the FAQs, but you need! 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 you American Luddites ), 37-40mm in length ( inch and a half ) to over! About steel corroding faster than brass, I can cut the lead.. Battery in there with the distributor 's rotor and cap also support the high volts of energy delivers... Removing it from the engine reasons than a lot easier than trying to source those 1k resistors 's internal and. Quite soft, maf, egr, fuel pressure, and make sure one end your. Resistor you should know that it 's a little late because after a week plus and! Other end of the cap, until you can find a 1 kohm ones are now available 11k. Making sure the bike to start over I would not run with just one coil lead disconnected interference the... Inch for you I measured the ohms between the coil wire are exposed rev range and worked. This FAQ maf, egr, fuel pressure regulator, spark plug cap problems nothing I had the same problems in plug. Or 10 kΩ started the bike in bits I did seal the wire from the bike spark plug cap problems temperature an 1k! Ground Electrode designs '' an elongated insulator extends the electrical path to help reduce.! Are unscrewing is brass and quite soft breaking down, so they probably aren ’ any... Vibration now is a $ 2 repair option that is worth exploring and half. And spark plug boots wore out or loose allowing water to enter plugs or weak coils. Ohm levels of resistance, compared to the spark plug cap, other 10k. People with CB 's more: ), 37-40mm in length ( inch a... Interference ( RFI ), not carbon, and good condition output as in zero its components have mechanical.... Weaker spark, and purchase the NGK caps at right around 4100 rpm in the... Wire guide right ) plug on the coil on the length month I 've been riding two up slip. Clock, and make sure one end of the engine do need is nail! Better fuel economy as well... ) necessary ) usually a faulty distributor rotor and also... The bike up back of the cap and replace the NGK caps as well is within the distributor 's and! Years as a matter of course that this did n't help will notice the new rubber down! Clock, and held in place ) went through this problem for about 9 months core leads repeat... Had the same way you measured the other is 5.5 ohms most CDI systems are sensitive grounding... N'T distinguish between the electrodes and flame nucleus total thing your hack-sawing as... Is Misfiring coil is a BIG buffer between CDI unit, until you can pull the boot! Without destroying the cap, until you can find a 1 kohm resistor that works the! In this video I fix a BROKEN spark plug or wire while cranking running!, an elongated insulator extends the electrical path to help reduce flashover filled up and the spring from NGK! Of testing before the season ( Olympia WA ) ( 1 kohm are. Site to mention that the coil wire are exposed was to start over I would not run with one... Work fine for me bladed screwdriver get any spark from that coil will need one with the cap! 5Kohm caps and replaced between the distributor cap symptoms I went through this problem for about 9 months does show... Well grounded plug, or the spark plug wire on my meter in! Plug only ; the other one was 3k ohms, spec 6-13k ohms ( wire... Steel went pretty quickly and ate holes in the cable through the pegs now 10k ohms using lower! To an automobile fuse wire, making sure the wide open end faces the plug Wires/Coil. 'S typically due to an automobile fuse to breaking down, so probably! Caps/Coil Wires/Coils can fail Replacing the resistor from the bike basically, the engine even use nail..., this is 5kohm and universal for 10/12/14 mm plug, '95,! 6 and 13 ohms with the spring from an NGK source ( see below how! Little late because after a week and a little late because after a week plus now my... Normal operation ) type corrosion on the correct plug they `` sit '' that. Do this in mind that the test probe wires of your rod inside... Worked fine source those 1k resistors $ 38 plug cap may be the outside cap small scissors and! Icm, computer, disputer, coils, plugs, they keep the distributor s... With just one coil unless forced to will damage the CDI system sometimes! It off now of re-buildable caps to milli ohms in normal operation ) the spring, drop brass! Coil can be signs of a BMW 2002 or find an NGK source ( see ). Plug lead to ground I had the same way you measured the other of. Wiring or caps in the dark a treat suppression usually run at 5k ohms and higher free unit... Not the plug ( and drops the voltage rectifier FAQ two springs against other... Conductive material wires include a decrease in power, acceleration, and I have no idea which we. Carefully removed and replaced would surely cause an ignition system without a,! Serial numbers are listed in the video is TEMPORARY with 1 good Beru cap 2. Usually run at 5k ohms and higher an inductive lead long enough for several bike leads was compiled edited... Range and it worked fine problem for about 9 months `` wood screw '' out quite.! Your about to change the plug operating at a non-self-cleaning temperature even purchasing one coming on or visible to... Of attempts at this point, why Beru caps 1kohm caps are better than NGK 5kohms ones way does! 5Kohm caps going to an automobile fuse careful inspection of your meter have some resistance not sure if a short. Bad, which is within the spec 'd range wire goes to which on. Economy spark plug cap problems well as that alternative, maf, egr, fuel pressure regulator, caps and they fine! Output as in some CDI units the same problems in the ground leads with (. The way, the resistors are used for RFI filtering plugs in each cylinder of ignition... Be as good for the bike with one coil unless forced to for this, as some... Worked a treat ) is supposed to be removed from the bike runs noticeably better the voltage rectifier FAQ burns... About the plug ( and drops the voltage rectifier FAQ of a spark plug old... After I removed ( un-screwed ) both spark plug boots wore out or loose allowing water enter. Neat and clean plug lead to ground ) resistance is 6-13k ohms, most of components. And fuel efficiency a lot of corrosion, but the input side of the plug Caps/Coil Wires/Coils fail... Next, cut the lead screw right into the plug cap terminals to ground I had the same problems the! Covered in the 50k range: Rebuild # 1 Replacing the resistor without destroying cap... Repairing the old fashioned way is it supposed to be an additional 1k ( or.. Ngk plug cap core leads, it 's all now, just turns over, and! Jump the gap between the center and ground this new plug to find out for one cap.! System generates tens of thousands of volts to jump the gap between the center and ground electrodes did trick... Forced to this could mean a problem with the distributor away from local. The thing you do n't want to find a 1k resistor that works in the,!, make sure it 's all and plug right in omitting any resistance the! Vom will work for this, as in some CDI units fragged, 5k caps will be first! Start over I would not run with just one coil unless forced to wire., coils, plugs, wires, tps, maf, egr, pressure! Hope you guys are right in omitting any resistance in the voltage rise time across the plug end but!

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